Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What industries does your agency cover?

DBAJobs works across a broad spectrum of industries, including IT, finance, marketing, sales, engineering, and many others.

How quickly can you find a suitable candidate?

Timelines can vary depending on the unique requirements of the vacancy, but we strive to efficiently utilize our resources to swiftly source candidates.

What are your service fees?

Our fees depend on the type of service and complexity of the task. We offer competitive prices and customized solutions for each client.

How does your company approach the confidentiality of applicant information?

We place immense value on confidentiality and guarantee that all applicant data is handled with utmost responsibility and in strict compliance with data protection legislation.

Do you provide interview preparation services?

Yes, we offer consultations and training for interview preparation to increase your chances of success.

How can I become part of your team?

If you're interested in a career at DBAJobs, please visit our careers page to view current openings and information about the application process.

Can you assist with relocating for a job in another country?

Yes, we provide support and consultation regarding relocation, including visa and logistics issues.

What guarantees do you provide that the selected candidate will be a good fit?

We conduct thorough screening and assessment of candidates, but should the choice prove unsatisfactory, we offer replacement services within a warranty period.

Do you have a program for returning clients?

Yes, we value our clients and offer special conditions and discounts for our loyal partners.